“The Big Leap” and Some Gained Wisdom

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Well I did it!

I proposed to the love of my life and girl friend of now almost 3 years. I did it at (Wollman TRUMP (lol) Ice Rink in Central Park), a definite must do if your in the city. As for the ring, I think I should pass on my wisdom for the bachelor’s who are about to make “the big leap”. Like always I did some big research with this one and got educated. So for the weeks I spent learning, I hope this past on wisdom helps you guys out.

First off, I bought online. I looked into the “mall stores” and they were WAY over priced. Then I looked at the local stores and they were close to where I wanted to be. Then I found the perfect online store, with some great prices! I decided to go with an online store named James Allen (James Allen). From the start, these guys were right up front and helpful. I would defiantly recommend them as an option during your search.

The 4 “Cs” of the Diamond

Caret – The Size

You will probably hear a million opinions on how to get the “perfect stone,” however here is the best way to get a great looking one on a budget. No matter what anybody says, the biggest thing people will see is the Size. What should be the first of the four “Cs” is Caret, everyone will notice the size before anything. I would recommend a 3/4 – 1 carat rock depending on the budget. I choose the lower end of 3/4 and believe it or not it is huge! A full carat is nice, however a 3/4 is also real nice.

Color – How Clear the Color Is

The next of the four “Cs” is Color. Color is the most noticeable thing besides size by the naked eye. It works from D being absolutely colorless to Z being yellow. I would not look at anything less than an E and choose the best in this category, a D. A D is a beautiful stone and is really clear showing some real fire!

Cut – Cut is NOT the shape!!!

Do not get confused with the cut being the shape of the stone, these are two totally different things! A shape is the physical shape of the stone. Stones are shaped as the Princess Cut, Heart Shaped, Oval Shaped, and so on. The cut is very important and is the actual shape of the diamond. The better a diamond is cut, the more light or fire it will show. I also found this category to be important and choose the best, the ideal cut. The ideal cut means that the rock will reflect almost all of the light it takes in.

Clarity – How many imperfections is there?

Lastly should be Clarity or the amount of imperfections in the stone. This category really gauges the price of the stone and can really help you afford a stone that features top-notch other “Cs”. This scale is a little different and goes like this: FL/IF Range, VVS Range, VS Range, SI Range, and then I range. VS range and above really does not have any imperfections that are visible by the eye. The SI range has a slight imperfection that may or may not be eye clean. This is a tricky category and should be your range. If you can find an eye clean SI rock, this is your rock. No one cares if your rock is VVS or FL, as long as if it is eye clean, it is a great rock.

Some Considerations

Now there are some other things to be aware of. You may hear of a process called “Laser Drilling.” This is the process of making a REAL small hole in the stone to burn out a large imperfection so the stone is sellable. This can reduce the value of your stone by half the cost, however if it is GIA certified drilled it will still hold some value. If you can’t afford a large stone, I would defiantly recommend this process as long as if it is GIA certified. You can get a larger stone and it will still look great!

Now as for the shape, it really does not affect the price. It really comes down to personal preference on this one. I choose one of the more rarer shapes, one that I think is perfect for the engagement rock. I choose the heart shape rock and although this rock is hard to find, most stores stock 10 or 15 of these babies.

In any case, purchasing the rock for the love of your life can take a while. Like any big purchase, I defiantly recommend planning it out and taking your time. In the long run, it will be well worth it!!!

One thought on ““The Big Leap” and Some Gained Wisdom

  1. Thanks for the ring! It’s everything that I asked for and I am so lucky to have you.

    Are you happy that I posted you a comment now?

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