Let’s Go Mets. Why they are the Amazins’

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This spring the love of my life bought me 5 tickets to see my favorite sports team at Shea (The Mets for the uneducated, lol). Although the Yankees are the greatest sports team in the world, with more wins and records than god himself, I still love the Mets. The one thing the Mets have over the Yanks is that they are the Amazins’. I can not even think of one team who has as many amazing wins as the Mets have had in any sport. From the infamous 1986 game when Bill Buckner missed a routine grounder to loss the World Series to any of the other amazin’ games such as the two I am about to describe, the Mets never stop amazin’.

So with that said, the first game was number 11 at home vs the Colorado Rockies. What should have been a fairly easy win turned out to be an edge of your seat pitchers duel. Both teams allowed only a combined 14 base runners and no runs until the tenth inning. My heart dropped when Troy Tulowitzki hit a triple to send Yorvit Torrealba home to boost the score to a 1-0 in the tenth. However I knew these were the miracle Mets and they would figure out how to win somehow. They were up and In the Uppers at Shea with the "Real Fans" as soon as I knew it, two were out. Then Damion Easley came cold off the bench and I thought, great the game is over. In fact most of the crowd started to make their way out. Sure enough in no time Damion was at two strikes and literally everyone in the stadium started to leave, however these fans did not have the faith in the amazins’. Sure enough the next pitch was a home run and the game was tied! The game then went on to the 11th when the Mets had men on 2nd and 3rd and Endy Chavez was up at bat. A great hitter, the defense did not play for a bunt and as sure as dandy, Endy bunted. With his speed he made it to first and the bewildered defense could only watch as Shawn Green ran in to score the winning run. Once again showing the fans and baseball why they are the Amazins’.

Now after seeing the previous game, one to remember and probably be one of the best games of the season, I thought how can they top it. This time I went with the wifey herself instead of the step-dad. Also we were a little late and caught the worst ever traffic on the Hutch, but thats the city for you. To no surprise, Game 19 vs the Cubs was an amazing game from the time we walked into the stadium to see the Mets loosing 1-0 in the second to the once again edge of your set ending. Before we knew it, the score was 4-0 with the Cubs dominating and the wifey said the infamous words of “Great we are going to see them loss.” To which I responded, these are the come back kids they will come back, watch how they are the Amazins’. Sure enough the boys held their ground and battled back to get the 4 runs to tie it up. Then in the bottom of the 9th they struck again and loaded up the bases with their three top hitters. The Cubs pitcher, Wuertz, had two outs on his side and the Mets clean-up hitter, Delgado, who was ice cold. However Wuertz broke from all the pressure and ended up walking Delgado and the winning run. Once again, METS WIN!!

So now everyone knows why I have been a die-hard fan since day one of the Mets and why I am proud to have NY Mets Plates on my car. All I can say is “LET’S GO METS!”