3D Printing, The Future???

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As I spend as much time as possible researching the up and coming technologies in the world, I from time to time run into some pretty interesting things. One of those things would have to be 3D printing. A concept that comes from industries that program a 3D rendering (CAD Drawing) into a computer for parts and have a laser or high-powered water jet cut them out of a piece of metal or other item. Recently a few companies have released devices that uses a inkjet type of technology that prints on layers of a powder type material. As the layers are built excess powder is removed and color is added rendering a 3D object.

One of these companies, Z Corp ( Z Corp ), claims to be the number one player in this small industry and offers it’s 3D printers with the price tag of $20,000 – $50,000! However this is well worth the investment for car companies, architects, or even pipe appliance companies who can use the machine to produce a 3D prototypes that in the past took much longer, were less detailed, and over a period of time much more expensive. Just take a look at some of the amazing prototypes this thing has designed so far Z Corp ZPrinter 450.

The future for these machines is endless also. Companies are working on machines that will not only prototype, but create real 3D objects such as the laser and water drills. A major push in the industry is also bio-printing or using similar devices to create artificial human organs or other tissues instead of using donated organs. It will be nice in the future to be able to create replacement parts or say a heart just from a printer!

I know you would love to have one in your basement to make all kinds of cool things, but seriously think of the possibilities. In the future, as the price comes down for these devices, the potential use is there. Think of all those sci-fi shows that a device tele-ported items from one location to another. Now I know we won’t be tele-porting anything with the machines, but say for instances you need a leg for a chair that just broke. Just go to that chair’s website, download the 3D instruction file, load in some wood to the printer, and send the job to the printer. NO TRIP TO THE STORE!!! Believe it or not we are closer than you think for the public getting their hands on a 3D printer. Today you can purchase a similar device know as a laser engraver, that can produce 2D objects such as wooden design plaques, engraved picture, ect. and if you really want a 3D object, there are some commercial services that will let you design a 3D object on a Z Corp printer for around $100.


  1. ZPrinter 450 Demo Video

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